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End of Summer Run Down

Sadly the Brazier Children's summer is coming to a close much quicker than we were expecting. Due to circumstances we only got half the time with A&E&R than we usually do and that threw off all our plans. So we made the best of what time we have had with the kids and truly enjoyed ourselves.
Here is a run down of our summer for those who are just catching up.
We had multiple #ParkAdventure's while they were here, and LiveStreamed them onto Facebook, then posted most the videos to YouTube as well.

We had a birthday party for Analyse & Elliot which was a blast. They loved having friends to play with and family there. Didn't have much of a turn out compared to what I was expecting, but thankfully they didn't notice and that's all that matters.

Rylee got picked up last weekend to go spend some time with her Dad and Step Mom before school starts. We are hoping she has a great time.

We are finally getting to go camping this weekend, we are going out to proper…

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